Creative and technical translator with a focus on healthcare and marketing

French, English, German > Italian


A major part of my work concerns market research. In fact, I am passionate about helping my clients bring about new powerful insights about their audience, especially in the field of healthcare, with patient and physician questionnaires. Promoting the understanding of people and their needs is very important to me and the work I do in the medical field at large is dear to my heart.

When working in marketing and advertising, I enjoy helping clients speak to their Italian audience in a way that is just as relevant, compelling and effective as the original. Finding the words or ideas that convey the message you want while touching just the right chords is what I love the most.

Creative and technical translation

You need to translate your brand-new questionnaire or discussion guide? An article for your website? A press release? A technical report? Look no further! I can craft a translation that’s well suited to your purpose so that you can deliver your message without hiccups. You can trust me to use the industry terminology, follow any relevant guidelines, and adopt inclusive language.

Whether your text is more on the creative or technical side, I can take care of it: I have experience with both types of documents and registers and can effectively adapt my style to your specific needs.


If a direct translation isn’t enough and your marketing copy or ad needs a pinch more flair, panache and cultural adaptation, transcreation might be just what’s for you. By choosing the right words and ideas, it can help you avoid pitfalls and convey your message and values so that you can speak right to your audience’s heart and mind.

This might mean drastically changing the references and phrasing of the original text, but sometimes that’s necessary for the meaning and impact to remain intact and be culturally relevant.

For this, cultural awareness and a special knack for words are key. Because I feel at home in different cultures, having lived in both Italy and France, and traveled extensively in other countries, I can provide just what you need.

Editing or revision

If you already have an Italian translation, but you need to check its quality in terms of accuracy, terminology, consistency, style and tone of voice, or you just wish to improve it all around, this is the service you need. I will check the translation against the original text, correct it and make proactive suggestions whenever relevant so that your text is the best it can be.

Monolingual Proofreading

This is the final step in your Italian text crafting cycle: it mainly involves checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting mistakes, inconsistencies and typos. This means you can be sure your document is error-free and ready to be presented to the world wide web (and the whole wide world) and make a good impression on clients and prospects.